A Gardening Story / Progressed Moon Phases

I have struggled with my personal interpretation of the progressed moon phases using the analogy of a seed for some time. What follows is a version that I’m finally comfortable with. I think it’s important to concentrate on the four main phases – new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. The text of these four main phases are in bold below. The intermediary phases between the main phases are subsidiary to the main phases in my opinion. (more…)

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9 Cups Tarot

Key Phases Proud, confidence, cheerfulness. Could be smug. A wealthy merchant and poet. All achievements and accolades on display. Receiving recognition. You have something that you can be proud of to show for…

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The Devil Tarot

Key Phrases Black magic, occult matters, dark matters, taboo matters. Giving power, a source of power. Obsession and compulsion with something. Being in touch with your psyche, the animalistic and carnal side of…

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