What You See is What You Get

I am at a table, typing. I am looking around me. I hear kids playing ball and shouting. I hear the cats banging away. I feel the breeze against my skin. I see the sunlight caressing the floor. Welcome to my outside world.

That’s how I perceive my outside world a.k.a. Ascendant and Chart Ruler in astrology. This perception affects how I experience it –  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, my expectations of it and how I approach it, which could involve some adaptation.

That’s my reality. Which may be very different from others.

If I view the outside world as a scary place, say for a natal chart with Saturn rising, I would think that my surroundings and people in it as potential threats, feel fearful, lock myself up in a safe place and discard spirituality as it’s not too practical as warding off potential threats in my environment. I expect to be attacked as danger is lurking everywhere. I approach life cautiously, defensively and calculatingly.

My outer world – people, things, places, etc would most likely adjust themselves to fit into my perspective. If they don’t, I would probably adjust mine first and see it the way I want to. That’s my reality anyway.

So, I get what I see. Do you see?


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