Stupid Laptop

I bought a certified reburished laptop from Amazon UK certified reseller “EFlex Computers”. It’s a T410 Thinkpad with a Intel iCore 5 chip which I thought is great. 

I cast a chart when I received it with the intention to practise my horary reading skill. I asked “What’s the condition of this laptop?” Oh no. Saturn sits on the cusp of the 2nd house. Fuck. But I incorrectly and naively thought that Lord 2 is Jupiter in Libra which is in mutual reception with Saturn in Sagittarius. There’s saving grace of some sort. Anyhow, I thought “This is just astro. It can’t be real (I know I know). It’s a iCore 5 for feck sake. It will be running great!”

That was about 2 weeks ago. During these 2 weeks, I hated the laptop. It’s slow, slow, slow. Which made me think of Saturn which isn’t famous for its speed. I emailed the seller who eventually advised me to recover Windows 7 i.e. format the hard disk and reinstall Windows 7. I did so and it’s faster. Boot up time is now just a mere 1.5 to 2 minutes compared to the original 5 minutes, which I had originally dismissed and thought it would be load faster with time.

So, I thought of returning it. And thought I might as well consult the I Ching which says no, it will come to a bad end or something to that effect. Well, that was based on a set of rules that I use to interpret it anyway. Unless I used another set of rules that I just read today… Then, I asked Tarot for some advice. It came back with Page of Swords. Hmmm, a message or news of some sort that won’t be music to my ears. FYI – I had emailed the seller last night that I will return the laptop if there’s no other way to reduce the boot time. He hasn’t reverted yet. Maybe the return policy would not support a return. Although I can always contact Amazon.

Hoping for a better answer, I asked Tarot again “Should I return this laptop?” It came back with 10 Swords. Yicks. I suppose my mind jumped immediately to the fact that I have to bear the expenses of returning it (long story). If I opt for a cheap courier, it doesn’t come with much insurance. I will be screwed if the laptop was to be damaged in the delivery process. If I opt for a full insurance, the courier charge would come up to slightly less than 1/4 the price of the laptop. Which is expensive isn’t it?

Argh. Maybe ignorance is bliss. Also what’s irritating is that Pluto is in the middle of the 2nd house relating to the laptop. Hopefully that refers to the formatting of the laptop which took place already. Or it could mean that it was once dead and resurrected to life by the seller. Anyhow, the Moon makes an applying:

  • trine to Saturn which I have already experienced. Slowness. Yucks
  • trine to Uranus. Hopefully this has a positive meaning given it’s association with technology and speed. Or it mean some unexpected disruption of some sort, leading to separation. The trine perfects in 10 degrees, suggesting in 10 days time can be longer due to volitation – Moon is in Leo and 9th house. Maybe I can try to install Windows 10 on the laptop…

Maybe it’s better to put aside the messages of astro, I Ching and tarot and go ahead to return it… Hmmm.


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