The Hero’s Journey / Progressed Sun

Perhaps read this first: Help! I’m morphing into a different person! If you are lost after reading it, then read the following.

Ever read the horoscope column in magazine/newspapers/websites/books about a personality description of your zodiac sign? You might have and decided that astrology is hogwash as the description seems firstly so generic and secondly it doesn’t apply to you, especially if you are a woman or a man who’s very in touch with your feminine side. No offence meant to both.

Your zodiac sign is actually more properly known as your Sun sign. It is the zodiac sign which the Sun is positioned against when you were born. The reason why our Sun sign may not describe us is because the qualities of the sign is what we are striving to be, to incorporate within us. The qualities are not a given. As in, you are not “given” those qualities when you are born. That is unless, the sign of your Moon, Ascendant and perhaps that of Mercury, Venus and Mars are the same as your Sun.

The Sun represents our journey in life. Or more specifically, our hero or heroine journey to be who we are meant to be a.k.a. life purpose to some people. It’s like Harry Potter who sets out to destroy the horocruxes – that’s his mission. Or James Bonds in 007 who sets out to foil the plans of the big evil guys. Or in organisational psychology parlance, it’s to self-actualise according to Maslow. Or simply put, to be (more of) who you are. And when you are more of who you are, you don’t have to waste energy to pretend to be someone whom you are not. So, you are more in your element, more in the flow and have more vitality and energy. You are likely to be more creative as well, your own blend of creativity of course.

So, our hero’s journey comprise:

  • A focus on different (personality) qualities. This is indicated by the sign of your progressed Sun. The change from one sign to another is often experienced as significant in one’s life. It may be accompanied by a change of job, relocation, marriage, etc.
  • A focus on different areas of life. This is indicated by the house your progressed Sun is in. As mentioned above, the shift from one area of life to another is usually more readily felt and experienced than if you are already in a house for some time.
  • Encounters with different aspects of ourselves and (further) incorporating those parts in us. Those encounters are represented by aspects made by the progressed Sun to your natal planets and sensitive points.

Each of the checkpoints or milestones in your journey can be experienced earlier or later than the date that it took place. For most people, we can generalise to say that a checkpoint can be experienced up to a year earlier or later than the date the change of house/sign or the aspect took place.

Now, go and realise your life purpose with the help of the progressed Sun.

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