Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

The last 2 days had been horrendous. I felt horrendous. Those horrible feelings descended on me just like that. Without warning or whatsoever.

The astrologer in me reasoned that it has to do with the planets above me. Come to think of it. It seems that we are mere puppets of the universe with little free will. Yikes. My free will in this instance was to discover what had happened.

Here’s the astro mambo jumbo that I looked at:

  • Solar returns: whether there’s any outer planets crossing the sensitive angles during the last 2 days. Whether there’s any aspects made by progressed moon to the solar return planets. Results: nada.
  • Significant transits: the suspect is transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (where Neptune trines one of my personal planets). But the first hit was in January, intermediate hits were/are in July and August. I didn’t experience anything like what I went through during the last 2 days. Hmmm.

Then it struck me. There’s a full moon recently! Flipping to the ephemeris, the full moon took place on 17 degrees Capricorn. Nope. None of my natal points is remotely near that. What about my relocated chart? The relocated Ascendant is 5-6 degrees away from 17 degree Capricorn. This was when I suspected the inaccuracy of my birth time.

Then I realised that I had been reading the ephemeris incorrectly. I was looking at the July data! OMG. What’s for August? Full Moon and a lunar eclipse took place 2 days ago on the 7th August at 15 degrees 25 arc Aquarius. Oh. That’s smack on my natal Moon with just a few arc differences. So, that’s what happened to me! A full moon & lunar eclipse hovering directly on my feelings, responses and reactions, unconscious self, emotional security, daily habits – all of which felt like shit. Absolute cow dung.

Going deeper, my natal Moon is in the 9th house. Therefore, my feelings, responses and reactions towards beliefs, knowledge, studies, foreign experiences would be in the spotlight with a culmination effect. I searched my soul high and low. There’s nothing about my beliefs. Studies – yeah, my astrology tutor returned her feedback to my recent assignment which I am pretty happy with and she confirmed that. I suppose you can say that the outcome of my studies to date was her feedback arriving in my inbox. But the feedback didn’t resonate with what I was going through.

My relocated chart. Moon is now in the 2nd house. Bingo! Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life in terms of a revelation in money matters. I have to spend more than €200 on overseas police clearance so that I can volunteer in Ireland due to child/vulnerable persons protection law. More than €200 which is a lot of money to me! And that’s not all. I have to find a notary public as part of the documents to submit to the overseas police department and to notarise a personal document as well.

Oh, now I see how the original 9th house comes into play. The 9th house rules lawyers, foreign affairs and the foreign office i.e. the overseas police force. I suppose you can convolute matters by using the 9th from the 10th but wouldn’t that represent the overseas arm of the Irish police?

Anyhow, the mystery as to why my last 2 days had been utter shite is solved.

P.S.: I can certainly extend my analysis by considering the 3rd and the 8th house, the opposing houses which are affected by the full moon. And consider the aspects to the natal moon as well to see how I experience lunar matters. But I’m happy enough with the superficial analysis above. Time to call it quits.

P.P.S.: I also realise that I was informed today something about publishing (9th) and money from it (2nd). Yikes!

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