Aquarius on 2nd House

P.S. (pre-scipt): This is modern psychological astrology where Uranus co-rules Aquarius. 

The 2nd house represents our personal resources which includes money and resources, self-worth and values in general. They may be things which we attach to ourselves or our ego to make us feel secure.

Using traditional rulership, Saturn rules Aquarius. Therefore, there’s Saturian themes relating to, say, money. A person’s relationship with money changes based on his/her experiences with it. Obviously this is true for everyone but it’s especially relevant for the person. Money is likely a subject which the person views with seriousness and cautiousness. There might be a focus on structure and goals when it comes to money. With time and effort, the person could be accomplished at money.

The traditional rulership works great. But it seems to be lacking another piece of the puzzle. I had a client who has Aquarius on the cusp of his 2nd house. I explored the Saturian themes which he agreed with. But he also said that before he was in the current financial fix, money was easy and plentiful although he emphasized that he’s not rich.

Wait a minute. If we consider the modern rulership where Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius, that provides us with another perspective of my client’s relationship with money – he’s likely to want to feel free, without restriction, quick, insightful about money which seems to describe his mentality of money before his current financial fix.

So, try out modern rulership for psychological interpretation of the natal chart before you throw it out for good.

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