In the “Wrong” Profession

It was most encouraging to hear my thoughts echoed by a client “You tell me. Haven’t I wasted most of my life by being in this line of work which my mother and society told me is the right work to do?” The client is his sixties and is looking forward to his retirement. He has instinctively known that his work doesn’t satisfy or fulfills him. But he kept at it as it’s safe and predictable.

Don’t get him wrong. He puts in tremendous effort and hours into his work. He’s responsible and dependable. He does all the “right” things. But still, he’s stagnant at his job, isn’t recognised for his contributions and isn’t happy.

I wonder whether that’s because he hasn’t realised the potentials of his chart – his Midheaven, the MC ruler and the aspects involved. It’s like a person who’s more suited to be an actor based on his natal chart but decides to be an accountant for security and predictability.

I just think it’s a shame to have work tirelessly at a work and still be stagnant at it. I’m not saying that people who have realised or realising the potentials of their chart aren’t immune to stagnation or the lack of progress in their profession. But it’s less likely for them to do so, I think.


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