Musing About the Fiery Road

It’s still the via combusta now! For the noobs in astrology, it’s when the Moon is traversing from the zodiac sign Libra 15 degrees to Scorpio 15 degrees. My limited knowledge about via combusta is that it’s primarily of use in horary astrology and that it distresses the Moon i.e. whoever asks the universe a question during this time is likely to be experiencing emotional turbulence. There’s also a school of thought that it’s wise for questions not to be answered during such times.

I wonder whether people who are especially attuned to the lunar energies e.g. Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Cancer are affected by via combusta, those 2.5 days or so each month. Why did I bring up this point? Well, my Sun sign is Cancer and I’m feeling a bit “off” especially today. Although my partner probably says that I’m “off” on a lot of days…

As for me, I think it’s time for me to pop up my legs on the couch and watch some Harry Potter. Or to go for a run. Hmmm.

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