Why You Might Feel Shitty the Month Before Your Birthday

Some weeks ago before my birthday, I was feeling out of sorts. Everything don’t seem to be working out. My life was (and still is) falling apart. Oh God, help me!

Out of curiosity, I googled searched “month before birthday” and came across some reading material:

Technically speaking, the month or rather the 6 weeks before your birthday, where transiting Sun makes a semisquare to your natal Sun, is known as the winding up period every year of your life. It’s when parts of your life that are not constructive towards your growth and life direction are eradicated, I mean cleared from your life. So as to make room for the new. Clearing the ground of your psyche and life is an uncomfortable process, perhaps like going for a detox to clear your body of toxics. FYI – I haven’t done a detox before and am typing from a speculative basis.

This time is ideal for lots of me-time, to contemplate the mysteries of life and your hero’s journey. What’s this hero’s journey I am talking about? Well, in astrology, the Sun represents our purpose in life and what gives us satisfaction and meaning in life. It’s something that’s obtained after being striven for. Like Hercules and the quests that he’s on. Or Harry Potter and his adventures. You don’t have to subscribe to this viewpoint of course. But it’s one for the taking.

So, use these four or six weeks before your birthday to have some quiet me-time. Enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude. Know that things are not going as well as you desire because it’s destiny’s plan for you, for now anyway. The universe wants you to rest and contemplate about the year ahead. Kinda like Sunday in the Bible – you work 6 days and rest 1 day. It’s time for some rest now to prepare for the year ahead.

For astro fanatics: I’m thinking it would be great to pair solar return charts and transiting Sun to natal Sun together. I mean both are concerned with the Sun – our personal development. We use the solar return chart to determine the sub-quest for the 12 months which helps to inch nearer to our life purpose. And we use the solar cycles to monitor our progress on the sub-quest. Voila.


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