Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?

There is this famed astrologer in the world that I was extremely keen to study with. I wrote to her expressing my tremendous interest in studying with her. I was ecstatic to hear back from her after 1.5 weeks. I then asked her for her payment details so that I can pay her via Paypal, bank transfer, etc. I waited for a week and didn’t hear back from her. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search on her past and existing students. The search revealed that there’s few students/astrologers with references to her name (i.e. 2 names out of about 100 results). Of course, there’s a likelihood that her students are shy of the internet or there’s equally other valid reasons for the lack of search results.

I decided to inquire whether I’m going to study with her as I was concerned with all the waiting even before I start on the course.

am I going to study with him her

No. Nothing will come out of it. Beware too as you might not benefit much from her tutelage. 

[Moon is void of course suggesting that nothing will come out of it. Let’s see if there’s strong testimonies suggesting otherwise.

I’m represented by the Moon in Leo in 3rd house conjunct North Node and Regulus. The famed astrologer is represented by the 9th and ruled by Saturn in Sagittarius in retrograde in 6th. There’s no applying aspect between the two of us. What’s interesting is that the South Node is in her house and is in the same degree as the Moon i.e. me. This doesn’t look like I will benefit from her being my tutor. Barbara Watters is of the view that any planets in the same degree as the nodes is unfortunate.]


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