Anatomy of a Transit

We know that outer planets can make multiple contacts with a natal planet or sensitive point. Consequently, the influence of an outer planet can last well over a year. The anatomy/life cycle of an outer planet transit is commonly described as:

  • the first hit: preparation. This is setting the stage, the scene for the climax(es) of the story. Usually nothing dramatic “happens” here.
  • the intermediate hit(s): actualisation. This is when we reach the climax(es) of the story a.k.a when shit hits the fan in some cases.
  • the final hit: resolution. The end of the story.

Here’s a write-up of transiting Neptune on natal MC of Mr Summers that illustrates the anatomy of a transit as explained above. The date format is in MM/YY. Using orb of 1 degree,

  • 2/14: the influence of Neptune kicked in. Or using 2 degree orb, in 1/14. Mr Summers joined a new company in January 2014. He started work on a major project in February. Interestingly, he also began his occult studies in February/March for the first time in his life.
  • 3/14: 1st hit – the major project that he was assigned to became turned out to be a nightmare. Daily confusion reigned. Everyone on the project including him pretended to work efficiently and effectively.
  • 6/14: 2nd hit – Neptune stationed retrograde. Summer’s boss was of the opinion that his work performance was not up to expectation. He did not pass his probationary period. He was given three months to improve or out he goes.
  • 9/14: 3rd hit – He was informed by his boss that his probation was extended by another month so that his communication skills could be monitored. Note: transiting Neptune is also contacting natal Mercury at the same time as MC, both of which are in the same degree and arc. However, this post focuses on Neptune’s impact on MC.
  • 11/14: Neptune stationed direct based on an orb or slightly more than 1 degree but less than 1.5 degree. Mr Summers was informed that he successfully completed his probation and was a permanent employee.
  • 1/15: final hit/resolution – the performance appraisal committee formally confirmed that Mr Summer had made great strides in the standard of his work.
  • 2/15: the Neptunian influence died away. The formal written documentation of the performance appraisal committee was released to Mr Summer and retained in his employee records.

Certainly in a full interpretation of transits, we would consider the natal position of Neptune, along with the planet(s) ruling MC, depending on your views of rulership and any aspects to it/them.

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