Fear of Snakes

This is a noob’s fascination with psychology.

I was reading up on the concept of Collective Unconsciousness and came across an experiment of young children being presented with a rabbit and a snake. Almost all of the children attempted to interact with the rabbit while all of them displayed fear of the snake. The researcher presumably screened the children to ensure that they have not had prior experiences of rabbits and snakes.

That is fascinating, isn’t it? Even though the children hadn’t any experiences with snakes, they instintively fear it. That fear is not specific to any individuals but all individuals or the collective. According to psychology, that fear comes under the remit of the collective unconscious, as opposed to the personal unconscious. Our unconscious urges, thoughts that are not attributable to our personal experiences supposedly come from our ancestors i.e. they are inherited. Maybe we all did come from Adam and Eve given their bad experiences with the serpent.

Modern western astrology attributes the collective unconsciousness to the 12th house. So, if a person has his/her Venus is located in the 12th house, could that signify that the person’s way of showing and receiving affection from others is unconscious and is based on how his/her ancestors have done so in the past? Hypothetically speaking, suppose that since 100 generations ago, women have always been domestic engineers. Our protagonist’s collective unconscious probably associates femininity with stay at home moms. If this man has Venus in the 12 house, would that suggest that he has an unconscious perception that women should stay at home?

One of the meanings of the 12th house is that of self-undoing. I wonder if that has to do with the collective unconscious? As in, because a person is unconscious of his/her thoughts, behaviour, etc and consequently gets himself/herself into trouble. E.g if the 3rd house is ruled by a planet in the 12th, it suggests that our thoughts, words or even siblings might be our downfall.

What if a natal planet aspects another that is in the 12th house? Could that suggest that the former planet has some influence of the collective unconsciousness?

Now, this gets more exciting. The 8th house in astrology is supposed to represent one’s personal unconsciousness while the 4th house, the subconscious. I wonder what is the difference between the subconscious and unconsciousness, if any? My mini psychological journey continues.

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