Am I Under Black Magic?

Someone contacted me about 1.5 years ago asking me whether I know how to remove black magic as she thinks that she is under the curse of one. I said no and referred her to the holistic shop in the city where they have a directory of alternative practitioners.

I thought of the woman today and wondered if she was really bewitched?

am I under black magic bewitched?

It is too late to ask the question. Yes, she was bewitched with some connection to her lover. [The ascendent is really late. The turned 12th and 1st of the caller are both ruled by the same planet Jupiter which is in the turned 7th. I don’t usually apply antiscia of the modern outer planets. But the antiscia of Neptune in turned 12th conjuncts tightly Jupiter which is turned Lord 1 and 12. This further emphasises the message of her being under some spiritual influence.

Moon which represents me is in the 8th, the house of occult and dark arts though this seems to be a modern significator. Certainly, what the woman went through is something of great grief and sorrow for her.]


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