Shall I Break Up With Her?

Senor Patisserie said that he’s thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend, Madame Avoca. He doesn’t know where this relationship is heading to and because of his previous divorce, he’s shy of relationships. [he has a Venus-Saturn aspect natally which can translate into a desire for definition and clarity in a relationship a.k.a. he wants to know definitively whether they will live happily ever after. If not, he wants to cut the losses now. The aspect could also translate to a fear of love/relationships because of past experiences]. 

break up with him her horary

Madame Avoca, loves him very much. She’s seriously turned on by him although that might change if he doesn’t keep up in the bedroom. [Mdm Avoca is represented by:

  • Mercury is in the sign of the Moon, exalts Jupiter.
  • Venus exalts the Moon. Venus is in the last degrees of Taurus. When Venus changes to Gemini, there’s no longer any exaltation of the Moon.]

However, Senor Patisserie has a love-hate relationship with Madame Avoca which explains the origin of his question to me. The logical part of him loves her. But his feelings don’t. He is remotely turned on by her. 

Are there any additional insight into his psyche? Yes. It seems that he is in the relationship because he may have certain conceptions of how a man including himself should be perhaps in society. He has very conflicted feelings about the relationship. His sexual urge is subjugated to his feeling and thinking side of him. To conclude, there’s a mismatch between his head, and heart and body. Head says yes while heart and body says no. [Senor Patisserie is represented by:

  • Jupiter is in the sign of Venus. Jupiter is in fall of Sun and term of Jupiter.
  • Moon is in detriment of Venus. Moon is in fall of Moon, term of Jupiter and face of Sun.
  • Sun is in the face of Mercury. Sun is in the sign of the Moon, is exalted in and term of Jupiter.]

I left him with the above insights and commented that she clearly loves him. It’s up to him how he wants to proceed. 

[NB: for further analysis on the relationship, the Part of Marriage, antiscias and the various planets that are sitting on the house cusps should be examined and considered.]


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