Did the Dog Die?

I am very light sleeper. I woke up to a text at 2am. Yes, I know I should have turned the phone to silent mode but I didn’t want to just in case there’s an emergency.

It’s my new client Princess, who had to cancel her first reading tomorrow for her friend and herself as her dog unfortunately passed away in the middle of the night. When I read the text, I thought that it was extremely well crafted for someone in a distressed situation in the middle of the night. Surely she could have reached out to me the next morning?

I want to give Princess the benefit of the doubt and find out more about the situation.


did the dog die horary

Yes, Princess was speaking the truth. The dog passed away due to possibly a long-lasting illness that come and go or due to old age. Bless Princess for her steadfastness when her dog left the world!

[Princess’s dog is represented by 6th on 7th which is turned 12th and ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in turned 12th. The dog’s house of death is 8th on 6th on 7th which is turned 7th and ruled by Saturn. Is there any aspect between the Moon and Saturn? No. What is the 8th house of Princess? It is 8th on 7th which is the turned 2nd and ruled by Mercury. Is there an aspect between the Moon and Mercury? Yes. There was an opposition between the two, suggesting that the dog and its death were brought together with much regret.

Does the chart have anything else to tell us? Saturn sits on the radical 5th or the turned 6th, the house of illness, of the dog. Moon is disposed by Saturn.]

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