Can I Trust My Partner?

Senor Grande asked whether he could trust his wife.

can I trust my wife husband horary

Not now but definitely yes in the past. His wife seems to be losing her head too, which is true as his wife wants a divorce. [His wife is represented by the 7th and ruled by Venus. Venus just changed sign from Taurus where it is in its own sign to Gemini where it is peregrine. Wife is drifting around with a tendency to go towards the negative side of things. Algol sits on the 7th and is ruled by Venus.]

Senor Grande then asked whether he can be trusted. Hmmm, interesting turn of events. I said seemingly not. He quipped, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” Brilliant. It seems that he asked that question apparently out of desperation, which he clearly is as the marriage matters to him a lot. [He is ruled by Mars in Cancer. Mars is in its fall. The co-significator of Senor Grande is the Moon in Sagittarius which is peregrine as well. Mars is in combustion. It is separating from the Sun which never caught up with Mars while both are in Cancer. Mars disposes Part of Marriage.]


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  1. fyidivorce

    I think you should trust your partner more than astrological signs.

    1. Joey

      Agreed. I don’t think the person actually trust the divination per se but rather it helps him to get another perspective of the signs that he received in his daily living that his partner can’t be trusted. Also, I don’t think most people trust perspectives from divination when it doesn’t conform to their worldview, especially for people who may be in denial.

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