Will I Get Laid?

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Mr Browne asked “Will I get laid in the next two months?”

The answer is “No”. [The 8th house looks very busy and there’s other interesting things in the chart too. But we shall ignore them as they are not relevant to the question although they are very pertinent to the person involved.

The querent is represented by Jupiter in 14 degrees Libra in the 9th. Jupiter is in its term. So he’s doing okay, not great but not terrible either. Moon is the querent’s co-significator. It is Pisces, in peregrine, conjuncts Neptune and the 4th. He’s drifting around which describes his sexual situation at the time of the reading. Yes, he’s cheating on his partner if he gets laid. It’s interesting that the Moon sits on the 4th, suggesting that he’s thinking of home (city/country) where casual sex can be readily obtained. Or that it’s the “end of the matter” for the querent. As in, he’s definitely not getting laid.

The last aspect made by the Moon is Moon square Venus. The person mentioned that he had made advances which were not reciprocated. This seems correct as Moon exalts Venus but there’s no reception between Venus and Moon – the man is greatly excited by a woman that he’s going to meet at work but she might not be interested in him.

The next aspect made by the Moon is Moon trine Sun. Sun is in the sign of Moon, suggesting that someone might be very interested in him or an event of some sort is going to happen. If the Sun represents a person, it’s probably a macho gay man. But our protagonist isn’t interested in the other person as there’s no reception from the Moon to the Sun. Duh. Mr Browne is straight.

The significator¬†of the quesited is Venus, the ruler of the 5th house of sex. Venus makes an applying trine to Jupiter. There’s an event that’s going to happen and it promises sex! Jupiter is in the sign of Venus. Our man loves the woman. Venus in the detriment, term and face of Jupiter. The woman hates the man but is friendly towards him? I suppose it’s like in a bar. A man talks to a woman and they have a friendly conversation. When the man suggests going off somewhere, the woman is offended by it. Or maybe there’s some dry humping involved in a club which technically isn’t sex.

There isn’t going to be any applying aspect between the Moon and Venus.]



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