Are You Sure that Move is “Good” For You?

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People move for all kinds of reasons – a better job, a better lifestyle, changes in lifestyle, for a better life, etc. But does the city that you have set your eyes on necessarily deliver on what it promises you?

Surely, I migrated to Sydney Australia for four to five months because Australia has been rated consistently as one of the top 10 countries for immigration. And I hated almost every moment of it (yes, I’m being negative here). At this point, there might be people who shout at me “If you don’t like it, leave. We don’t need you here.” Sigh, aren’t they stating the obvious?

Anyhow, the fact that the majority of others have consistently rated a country/city as great to live in doesn’t mean that it’s great for you. In fact, the new place could be a living hell for you. Don’t get me wrong. I think there’s lots of virtues to living in the astrological version of hell – you are transformed as a person. From a caterpillar to a butterfly. And for that to happen, you may have to go through certain learning experiences which almost certainly would remove any notions of comfort zone that you previously have.

Here are two examples that I can think of that illustrates the benefits of a relocation reading:

1. I had clients who moved to another country and they have rising Pluto in their relocated chart. Yikes. Transformation and upheaval on all aspects of their lives. I was told that there’s major challenges at work, relationships and what goes through their minds especially in the first two years of their lives in the new place. But everyone of them also said that they have learnt tons through those experiences and became stronger as a person.

2. A client has Mars on the cusp on his natal 5th house of all things pleasurable. For him, it manifest as having strong sexual urges. Unfortunately, for those who believe in fate and destiny, the sign on his 5th house in his relocated chart is Capricorn which tends to limit and deny as it’s ruled by Saturn which is in its fall as well. Hmmm, he told me that the dry spell that he’s experiencing is frustrating (because his sex drive is being denied). That sounds like Saturn all right. Don’t get me wrong. There’s benefits to this – he’s learning the value of responsibility and being disciplined in his sexual expressions. And it might be advisable for him to channel and focus his creative drive into other activities that he finds pleasurable.

So, I would strongly recommend getting a relocation reading before you make a move, especially for immigration purposes.


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