Uranus-Venus Transits

I have often thought of Uranus transits to natal Venus as the desire for freedom, change, the need to honour one’s individuality, disruption, distance, speed in relationships, personal finances, personal values and/or aesthetic tastes. Certainly, the natal configuration of Uranus and Venus affects how a person may experience the transit.

It just occurred to me that describing Uranus transits as disruptive, unexpected, distance may not be necessarily be helpful or useful. I suppose Uranus transits is above all, the sudden receipt of electrifying insights that comes out of nowhere in relation to Venusian areas. It’s what we do with those insights i.e. our free will that affects what we may experience during the transit. If we resist those insights, tension may build up within us, leading to us or our external world to break out. The break out can be disruptive, unexpected, sudden and quick.

So, an Uranus – Venus transits definitely do not necessarily mean a breakup. But rather a radical positive change in the relationship e.g. to go from dating to going steady. Or to go from going steady to moving in together. Or to go from moving in together to getting married, which can be a possibility, especially the impromptu marriages in Las Vegas that are depicted in Hollywood movies.


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    My teacher (the main one, I had several) indicated that Venus / Uranus in the natal chart points at LGBTQ tendencies. Transits, on the other hand, often bring “interesting” affairs (example: refer to the 1980’s movie 9 1/2 Weeks with Micky Rourke and Kim Basinger).

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