The Curious Case of Mr X

I did a reading for Mr X. He had concerns with his career and his relationship. We talked about his career and it went fine. When it comes to his relationship. Everything I said about his current relationship was totally off the mark for him. There is nothing else I could add to the reading. I did not charge him for the reading.

The thing is: horary astrology, I Ching, and astrological transits and progressions suggests the same message/theme. This is the first time ever that the message from astrology/I Ching failed to deliver. I was very upset and wondered what went wrong?

I asked I Ching about what had happened. It came back with Hexagram 12, changing line 6. The Chinese character for hexagram 12 is 否. The top half of the character represents a bird flying in the sky (the horizontal stroke with 2 wings emitting from the center). Apparently, a bird in the sky that’s not landing on earth is taken as “No”. The lower half of the character is a rectangle, representing a mouth that says/screams “No”. Yup, “no, no, no” was basically what Mr X said regarding the reading on his relationship.

Hexagram 12 comprise of an upper gua/trigram of heaven and a lower gua of earth. The nature of Heaven and Earth is to ascend and descend respectively (see note 1). In essence, both are going in opposite directions and are separated. This suggest that they are unable to communicate and unite with each other. Applying that to the reading, Earth represents Mr X and Heaven represents the message from the stars/heaven to Mr X which unfortunately did not reach him.

I was pleasantly surprised upon reading Confucious’s commentary on the hexagram:

Heaven and Earth do not communicate.
An image of Hindrance.
In correspondence with this, the superior person restraints himself with virtue to avoid calamities.
He should not pursue high position and handsome payment.

It’s interesting that the commentary mentioned not pursuing payment, which I had observed before asking I Ching for advice on the disastrous reading! Now, it’s really uncanny that I Ching can be specific as to what had happened. But I’m not surprised. I allow God to speak to me through I Ching and astrology.

The message from I Ching on the reading which I thought went horribly wrong is that joy would follow from the standstill/stalemate, resulting in Bringing Together. Either that could mean that Mr X eventually returns to me on the insightfulness of the reading or the message in the reading brought him and his partner closer and more united during this challenging period in their relationship. But Mr X categorically states that his relationship is doing well. Both love each other very much (he came to me for a reading because they are uncertain of the future, but certain of their future if that makes sense. Well, that’s what I understand from Mr X). Or the outcome of this reading that went horribly wrong is something else. In any case, Bringing Together sounds good. And that’s enough for me.

Note 1
I rationalised the directions of Heaven and Earth this way: if Heaven is to descend then there wouldn’t be a sky and heaven would be found on Earth, which would be fantastic! But Heaven sinking further down would mean Heaven is going to hell, which doesn’t quite click with me. The direction of Earth has to be downwards. Otherwise, we would be living up on the sky. Plants and trees would be flying in the air too.


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