Will I be Repatriated?

Note: read this post with caution as I’m doubtful of my judgement.

Robert said that he’s waiting for the judgement of an appeal that he has submitted 1.5 years ago. If the judgement turns out to be negative, he will have to leave the country. What’s the likely outcome of his appeal?

outcome of appeal

The outcome of the appeal is likely to be unsuccessful. [4th house, end of matter is ruled by Mars. Mars is in Cancer in tbe 8th. The news sound worse than it is but it is bad news. Furthermore, it’s sad and unfortunate news that’s going to bring Robert grief.]

The querent is represented by Jupiter and the Moon. Lord 1, Jupiter is in detriment of Lord 4, Mars. Lord 4, Mars super exalts (what is the significance of this??) Lord 1, Jupiter. Lord 4 is also in the sign of the Moon, cosignificator of Robert. It feels to me that the outcome of the appeal is like a deadly missile targeted at Robert who’s trying to dodge it.]

He’s likely to receive the news of his appeal in about three months time or earlier. [Antiscia of Mars is in 9 degrees 31 minutes Gemini. Moon is going to make an applying opposition to it in about 3 dgrees. Moon is in a mutable sign and angular house. Volition applies. Interestingly, Moon translated light from Venus to Mars. Venus is Lord 10 which represents the judge or the government with the power to convict and execute. Jupiter is in the sign of Venus and Venus is in the detriment of Jupiter. This suggests that Robert loves the government who hates him due to his immigration status.]

I feel very sorry for Robert. I hope the future changes for him.



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