What’s With My Son?

Relationship with my son or daughter horary

A client asked what’s with my son? He’s stopped all contact after his wedding. Let’s analyse the situation:

The client is a strong person but is in grief. He may be feeling that the situation with his son is failing or has failed. He might feel powerless and unable to act in his situation. He is likely to be in an emotional turbulence perhaps also due to his financial situation. His self-esteem is not the best right now. The client might feel that he’s on the verge of losing his head and mind. Thankfully, he’s receiving counselling sessions. [The client is represented by Venus and Moon. Venus is dignified in its sign but it is in the 8th house. The Moon is in via combusta and conjunct 2nd house. Venus is away from Algol about 2 degrees away]

His son is still developing as a person. There have been communication issues between the two of them since some time ago. The situation with his son is not new.[Ruler of 5th is Saturn. Saturn is in 23 degrees Sagittarius in 3rd house and in retrograde. Saturn is in its term and face. Saturn has been in retrograde for some time]

Nothing much has happened after the wedding. It’s likely that the client will be focused on being overseas and be involved in something spiritual in the near future but this does not have anything to do with his son.  [The moon did not make any aspect recently. The next aspect that the Moon makes is an applying trine to the Sun in the 9th house. The client is into esoteric fields e.g. tarot, numerology and used to do readings for others too]

The relationship between father and son is challenging as explained by the client. Having said that, the Son’s vested interests lie in his self-interests, financial situation, and hopes and dreams. The client did mention that he has been funding his son in almost all aspect of his life – university, wedding, etc [Venus is the face of Saturn. There is no mutual reception between Saturn and Venus or Moon. Saturn is in the sign of Jupiter which rules turned 1st, 2nd and 11th.]

There are various hidden factors on why the son cuts off all communication with his dad: the client’s ex-spouse, and the son being finanically independent. Or the son’s thoughts/immediate environment and his profession/recent marriage  [Antiscia of Mars by opposition falls on 3rd house cusp. Mars rules radical 7th and 2nd. Mars rules turned 3rd and 10th]

Are there any chances of reconciliation between father and son? Unless something changes and things do change all the time, the relationship might evolve into one where the son hates the dad but may talk to him out of cordiality in the long term, the earliest being late December 2017 or next year. At least, the talking bit is an improvement! [Saturn, significator of son, changes sign from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 21 Dec 2017. Saturn will then be in the detriment of the Moon, and triplicity and term of Venus. We could interpret Saturn in retrograde as the son returning to his dad.]

Perhaps a synastry analysis between the father and son might reveal insights to improve their relationship.


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