Why Are People Cranky in the Morning?

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My other half “feedbacked” to me that I was cranky yesterday morning when I woke up. I defended myself by saying that it’s not just me. A lot of other people (in the whole wide world) are cranky in the morning too! I said let’s ask astrology why people are cranky in the morning. Here are the responses…

It’s just too darn early! [the ascendant is in 1 degree!].

They are not in their best form although yes, they can manage. And people want to return to bed… [Ruler of ascendant is Saturn. Saturn is 23 degrees Sagittarius in retrograde. Saturn is in its term and face. Retrograde denotes a form of returning of some sort. Return to where? To the bed obviously! I’m uncertain whether the 12th house represents sleep in general. If it does, Saturn is the significator which has been covered as part of the Ascendant ruler].

They were finishing up on their nightmares. Of course, this makes perfect sense. If you are in a nightmare, you are emotionally distressed in dreamland and you would be shaken when you wake up. Hence, the crankiness. Versus being in a dream fantasy. When you wake up, you might still linger and savour what you have experienced in that sweet dream [Moon in 14 degrees Scorpio closely conjuncting 9th house of dreams. Mars, significator of dreams is in its fall in Cancer and in combustion as well].

They know they have to go to work and it kills them, especially jobs that are soul-destroying and make them feel ill although this seems to be exaggerated in reality. People who are cranky when they wake up in the morning are probably doing it for the money and their overseas vacations (and maybe to fund their further studies which make them extra tired as those who work and study concurrently know). Caution: working purely for the sake of an income and holidays may make you feel sick and depressed. [Moon as co-significator of the human race is making an applying trine to Mars in Cancer where it is in its fall and is in the house of slavery. Mars rules the 2nd and 9th house of money, and holidays and higher education respectively. Mars representing money and holidays is in combustion though it is separating from the Sun].

So, now we know why some people are cranky when they wake up in the morning!

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