Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

Is it advisable to move overseas horary.png

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it’s a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts:

The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60].

It might be challenging to find a support network if that is important to her [ruler of ascendant is Mars, Mars is in combustion as it’s within 8.5 degree of the Sun, though separating so it’s not that bad but still in combustion nevertheless. I interpreted “cannot be seen or cannot see” when a planet is combustion to mean that others can’t see her and she can’t see others. This is fine if she’s into a solitary life who can cope with perhaps the strong feelings of a solitary life].

Whether there is someone involved in the move? She said no. I said the move might be motivated by a impending or current transformation in her profession/social status which might bring fear, insecurity or anxiety. [Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury might represent someone. Since she said no, what does Mercury mean? It rules the 8th and 10th house and she mentioned the upheavals that she’s facing at work currently].

There might have been opportunities to move overseas in the past, to a place where she has friends or is part of a social group or her dream city/country. However, she might not have capitalised on the opportunity/ies due to whatever reasons, perhaps involving delay or difficulty [Mars applies a separating square to Jupiter].

Personal finances might be an issue and she might find herself being conservative with money and her personal resources [Saturn conjunct 2nd house cusp].

Her emotions seem to be focused on her profession now. Could that be the motivation for her question, to get away from something at work? [Moon conjuncts MC].




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