Realising One’s Individuality

In my post “But That’s Me!”, I talked about the importance of looking at the natal chart when interpreting transits (the same goes for progressions and solar returns as well). Here’s an example to further illustrate the point: let’s say you have a Sun trine Uranus in your natal chart. You are likely to be independent, non-mainstream in one way or another. Any changes or revolutions in your life are likely to be incorporated into your existing life structure. You are happily comfortable with your uniqueness and individuality and may not feel compelled or impelled to act those out in a drastic way.

But let’s say transiting Uranus makes a really hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to your natal Sun. Gone are the days when you can bask in your quiet assurance that you are different. If it’s a square, you might feel forced to act out your differenceness. To finally do something about it. You probably won’t be satisfied with living a mainstream life and dabble in your unorthodox side interests any more. Tension may feel you, leading you to want to scream and revolt. You may abandon the stable profession that pays well which you have been in for the past say 20 years and live the authentic life that your soul screams out for.

Or, you could attempt to bottle up those insights and mounting pressure within you, perhaps going through sleepness nights with the nervous energy within you. And wait. Wait for the Uranus transit to finally end. And pray that nothing too drastic and unexpected or sudden would happen until Uranus says its goodbye.

What would you do in the above example? You have free will. There’s no right or wrong answers. As for me, there’s no straight forward answer. But if you ask me, I think if a person isn’t particularly happy with his/her life and a change is needed but not pursued for whatever reason, the excitable and highly strung Uranian energy may just provide the impetus to go ahead with the change. And, don’t take the Uranus energy for granted too. It might not be there at another time when you desperately need it and you find that it’s no longer there for you to tap into.



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