I’m Always Late!

It just occurred to me that people who are late might have a Jupiter – Saturn aspect in their natal chart, just like me. Saturn = time while Jupiter = expansion and optimism. I almost always underestimate the time required to do something. For instance, getting to town usually takes 1.5 hours realistically. But I would tell myself that “Sure, the traffic is great! I can do it in just an hour.” Guess what? I was horribly late for my appointments in town for the nth time.

That’s interesting as well. Given that Saturn is exalted and Jupiter is in peregrine. I would have expected Saturn to have more dignity compared to Jupiter and therefore be the one that’s exerting pressure over Jupiter. But it seems that it works the other way too – Jupiter expands the boundaries of time as signified by Saturn.

Having said that, there was a client who arrived 30 minutes earlier for her appointment with me. And she has a Jupiter – Saturn conjunction where both planets are in Capricorn. Hmmm, maybe it’s just me. I’m looking for an excuse for my tardiness!


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