Is it a Good Idea for Her to Come to my Place?

Querent is thinking of inviting a woman back to his home. But wants to make sure that the woman is not a nutcase or a thief or some sort. You get the for to come to my home horary

Querent is signified by the Sun in Cancer which represents his Sun sign. The Moon is in the 1st house, confirming that the question is about the matter of home. North node is in the first house as well. But we will ignore it as it’s not related to the question.

The woman is represented by the 7th house and Lord 7 is Saturn in 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn is in retrograde. That seems plausible as the question is that she comes over to me, which resonates with the idea of return with retrogrades. Lord 7 is in the term and face of itself. This is definitely better than nothing. Saturn is not in its detriment or fall. So, it seems all right for her to go over to the querent’s home.

As an interesting point, Saturn sits on the cusp of the 5th house or the woman’s turned 11th house. She might turn out be a friend or her focus is about her hopes and dreams, which is the case.


Yes, it’s safe for her to come over.



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