Does He Like Me?

This is a question of a guy who fancies another guy.

Does he like me horary astrology

The Moon is in void of course (the Moon doesn’t make any angular contact to another planet from now until it changes to another zodiac sign) – nothing will happen between the two guys. Let’s look further just for curiosity sake.

The querent (the person asking the question) is represented by the Sun and the Moon, which are in 3 degrees Cancer and 21 degrees Cancer respectively. Sun and Moon are in the detriment of Saturn – the querent actually hates the guy he has his eyes on. Or the querent would be in a shitty position if (and a big if given the void of course) anything comes out between the two.

What about the guy the querent has his eyes on? That guy is represented by Saturn in 23 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is in retrograde – the concept of “return” which is signified by retrograde doesn’t apply to the question. So, this guy is actually “bad” stuff or something that’s not usual. Saturn is in the day triplicity ruled by the Sun. The other guy likes the querent.

Conclusion: Yes, the other guy likes the querent but the querent should treat carefully as he’s in a precarious position. In any case, nothing is likely to come out of it.


Interestingly, the radical 11th house is very busy and it contains the two signifactors of the querent. Grasps. The 11th house is the turned 5th of the other party. The house of sex in traditional astrology. Now, this clarifies the picture – the querent is interested in making out with the guy!



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