Can I Trust Her?

Can I trust her horary astrology

Querent, which is me, is represented by Sun. Sun is in 1 degree Cancer. Cancer’s my Sun sign. She is represented by Saturn which is 23 degrees in Sagittarius.

Sun is in deteriment of Saturn. I apparently hate her. Or I don’t trust her. Saturn is in day triplicity ruled by Sun. Apparently, she’s okay with trusting me, like a trust between friends.

Wait. That’s reception above. To consider how receptive I am to her and she to me. But the question is whether I can trust her. We could be friends, or have some kind of relationship but that doesn’t mean that she’s trustworthy. Let’s relook at my question.

The house that best represents her is the 10th house which is ruled by Venus. However, often times, say more than 10 times, I have associated her with Mercury in my mind.

If she’s represented by Venus, she’s in her own sign and conjuncts the MC. This means that she is super trustworthy.

If her significator is Mercury, hmmmm, it’s bad news. She’s in combustion with the sun. Accordingly to Frawley (of combustion), “This is of huge importance. It can decide a judgement on its own. There is no greater affliction to a planet than this.” Almost certainly, the answer is “No, you can’t trust her.” although it’s not that bad since Mercury is separating from the Sun. So, the worst is over?

Which goes back to the late Ascendant. Maybe it’s too late to be asking this question now… The damage has been done already.


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