Birth Time Unknown

I have quite a few clients, especially of the more senior generation, that don’t have their birth time. Perhaps, it wasn’t fashionable to have it recorded then. It’s nice if they say something like “I think I was born between 9 to 11 in the morning.” as that gives you something definite and a boundary to work with. But, their recollection might not be correct – the 9 to 11 timing could refer to his/her sibling or even their own child!

So, what astrological techniques can we apply when the birth time is unknown? I have read a few webpages. I like Janet Booth’s most as it’s clear and succint:

Astrological Considerations that are NOT birth-time specific:

  1. distribution of planets for personality type (bowl, locomotive, bundle, etc.)*
  2. breakdown of elements and qualities*
  3. lunar phase and associated personality type*
  4. interplanetary aspects and their patterns (T-squares, grand trines, etc.), except you won’t know the level of the Moon’s involvement
  5. declinations of the planets (look for parallels, contraparallels and “out of bounds”)
  6. solar houses [the Sun at the Ascendant with houses each 30° in size and each beginning with the degree of the Sun]

* may be affected somewhat because precise Moon position is not known

Things you can still do as long as you give some “leeway”:

  1. solar arc aspects between planets

  2. secondary progressed planets and aspects (other than the Moon’s)

  3. planetary midpoints (particularly important if in hard aspect to natal planets)

  4. transiting aspects (especially pay attention to station degrees and eclipse degrees)

  5. synastry (you won’t have the DESC, Vertex or house rulers, but you can use planets)

  6. Sabian Symbols for planet locations (they can sometimes help you figure out the Moon’s degree)

Now, for those who don’t know their birth times, go and try the above techniques !


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