Winning at the Bingo?

Adrian asked “Are we going to win at the bingo tonight? I said “Now, is that a question for astrology?” Challenge accepted! a la style of Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.

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The Ascendant is in the 0 degree. Seems like it’s too early to judge. Which makes sense as the full crowd of bingo players hadn’t arrived at the time when the question is asked. Mathemtically speaking, the more people that show up, the lower the chance of winning. Hence, it’s too early to tell.

Or according to Barclay, “it is no use judging unless the querent is very young and his body, complexion, moles and scars agree with the sign ascending.” Nope. Adrian isn’t a kid. So, Barclay’s words don’t apply to him.

OK – let’s do the ridiculous and ignore the above caution/stricture and still interpret the chart.

Winning at a Bingo game is like holding out for good fortune from Heaven – so, it’s 11th house. Ruler of 11th is Mars in Cancer. Mars is in its fall – even if there’s winning, it’s pittance.

Querant is represented by Saturn. Likewise, Querant’s money is represented by Saturn as well. Is there any aspect between Mars and Saturn? No.

What about the Moon? Yes, Moon makes a separating sextile to Mars. Guess, this is no go then since the Moon has passed Mars.

Actual Outcome

€20 was won! Ruler of 11th is in fall – that certainly describes the extent of the winnings. Ruler of 1st and 2nd is Saturn. Interestingly, Adrian spent €19.xx in total for the bingo and drinks and he won €20.



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