Job Interview

I went for a job interview yesterday. I casted a chart for the time of the interview. Here’s it:

job interview horary astrology

Ascendant is 25 degrees. Fine. I’m represented by Venus in Taurus. I suppose I’m applying for an accounting job so that’s where Taurus comes in. Oh, Venus is in its own sign so I’m a strong candidate for the job. Considering other caution – Moon in 10 degree Taurus. That’s fine.

I didn’t have any particular questions about the interview but just wanted to see what I could glean from the chart.

There’s going to be two interviewers – a superior and a co-worker.

Superior is represented by 10th and ruled by Sun. Ok – there’s no aspect between me (Venus) and the Sun. Mercury is combust. It rules the 8th and 11th – okay, the combustion doesn’t affect me here. Let’s see – no aspects may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Co-worker is represented by the 7th house. Hmm, Uranus conjuncts 7th – he can be unexpectedly disruptive. Mars is in the 9th. Interesting, He’s next to the Sun, the boss. But interestingly, Mars and Sun are in different signs. They don’t have an effect on each other. There’s a separating sextile between Venus and Mars – hmm, I’m ahead of him? But it’s a sextile – an easy relationship between the co-worker and I.

Moon is applying to Venus – myself in 4 degrees. Yes, the interview is in about 4 hours time!

Actual Outcome

It felt like the co-worker asked me more questions than the boss. The former *seems* independent and objective. The latter – I don’t think I appealed to him. I’m not his style (of candidate but then, I’m not the style of most other people…).

I wanted to cast a chart to know whether I’m getting the job. But then again, I really don’t want to find out. Let’s let life take its own course.






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