About My Mum

In the post Weird Foods, I mentioned that the Moon in our natal chart can represent a medley of things including our mum. My Moon is in Aquarius. Therefore, it’s likely that I experience my mum as open-minded, liberal and considered unconventional in her environment. And that is true based on the way I see it. My mum was a wonderful woman. I say she’s rather progressive and ahead of her times when compared to the general Singapore population. I remembered when I was young, I told her that I might marry an Indian woman. She said, “Sure, no problem.” I am pretty sure that if I was to tell her that I’m gay and am going to marry a man, her answer would also be “Sure, no problem.”

Such is her open-mindedness which I consider a rare trait amongst Singaporeans. She had this interest in the occult and often went to consult this fortune teller in Johor Bahru. She kept telling me about her and eventually I gave in and paid the fortune teller a visit with my mum. I can’t remember the name of the fortune teller but let’s call her Wendy. Wendy said that I have this glow about me and I’m suited to be a spiritual worker just like her too. I jokingly told my mum that I’m going to ditch my career as an accountant and become a fortune teller. She said “Sure, no problem.”

There’s a humanitarian side to Aquarius. I call it a generic love of and for people. Indeed, she’s well-liked by almost everyone, especially the elderly. She has quite a lot of friends. She’s very easy to talk. In her last job, her employer gave her quite a lot of things to bring back with her – mugs, food and beverages, etc. She said that it’s a waste to dump them away and brought the mugs (and food I think) to the less fortunate friend(s) of hers.

I can go on talking about her and how Moon in Aquarius manifest in my experiences of her. But, let’s stop here. What sign is your Moon in and how does that tie in with your experience of your mother?


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