Help! I’m morphing into a different person!

It is usually a big deal when our natal sun progressed into another sign (or house. However this focus of this post is on signs). My personal belief is that such a progression is a big deal as:

  1. It happens infrequently – depending on your date of birth, your natal sun first progressed into another sign within 30 years from the time you are born. Thereafter, it progresses to another sign 30 years later. As an example, assume that you are born on 5th April, your natal sun is Aries, which progresses into Taurus when you are 15 years old, and then progresses into Gemini when you are 45 years old, and then into Cancer when you are 75 years old and into Leo when you are 105 years old. Therefore, assuming that you live up to 105+ years, your natal sun would have progressed into a different sign 4 times. Given the typical longevity of the modern man and woman, you can see that there are few times that your natal sun progresses to another sign.
  2. From a psychological perspective, it represents a change to your very being which is symbolised by the sun astrologically. When your being is changed, it usually means a change in your inner self, your sense of individuality, your creative energy and your vitality as well. It is almost *grasps* as if you have transformed into another person. In computing lingo, you have changed from version 1.1 to 1.2 or 1.3. From a spiritual point of view, it represents a change to your life path, your life journey which is also symbolised by the sun astrologically.

Based on the above, you can appreciate the significance of a change in sign of your progressed sun when it happens.

To provide you with a flavour of the myraid types of changes that a person may experience when their progressed sun changes sign, here are examples of the changes that some of my clients experience when their progressed sun moved into another sign:

  • Natal Sun in Aries, progressed to Taurus at 21 years old: She moved in with her first husband-to-be and got married shortly after; progressed to Gemini at 51 years old: She started studying again, worked in a variety of jobs, including as an IT consultant.
  • Natal Sun in Cancer, progressed to Virgo at 35 years old: He quit his job without another job lined up so that he can work on his hobbies and hopefully make work out of it.
  • Natal Sun Libra, progressed to Scorpio at 29 years old: According to her, the biggest event during that time period was her getting her US travel visa which is a big deal for her due to travel restrictions for people of her nationality. Based on my intuition, I sensed that the change is more internal and psychological – she’s thinking of sexual union and motherhood. At some point in life, I was thinking “Is she pregnant?” (the answer is no).
  • Natal Sun Scorpio, progressed to Sagittarius at 18 years old: He got his first job in a hotel and had to move out of home. According to him, it was a totally different life for him.
  • Natal Sun Pisces, progressed to Aries at 17 years old: He started chatting with a girl online, who is now his wife. I suppose you can say that he willed himself toward action then.
  • Natal Sun Sagittarius, progressed to Aquarius at 32 years old: she transferred to a new department within the company and the new department agreed to apply for an American green card for her.


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