Low in earth? Try cooking

*This post assumes that you have your own natal chart and are aware of the dominance or lack of elements in it.

Are you low on earth in your natal chart? You may respond to your”low count” of earth differently compared to other people. However, regardless of the way you respond to it, it is likely that you will at least attempt to incorporate the qualities of earth into your life at some point in time. There are different ways to do so. Some people suggested incorporating a routine into your life and sticking by it. Others mentioned dancing or doing yoga as a way to feel and get in touch with your body.

I am low in earth too. Personally, what works for me to feel grounded is to cook. Now, this is actually rather interesting. I generally hate cooking as I feel that it’s too much work. And I frequently tell people that I don’t cook as it’s too much work and that I’m generally someone who pops ready-to-eat packages into the microwave or oven for my meals.

Hold on. Wait. *Light bulb moment!* *Eureka!* I never realise until this very moment that cooking is a lot of work to me due to my low count in earth! To expound on this concept, since my earth is low in my natal chart, cooking wouldn’t be considered as an activity in my comfort zone. Therefore, when I cook, which is generally considered as an earthly activity, I am out of my comfort zone or “out of my element”. Thus, I perceive cooking as something that requires effort! Hurray. This makes sense (to me).

The point I am trying to make is this: when I do take time off to cook and am patient and steady about the process of cooking, I almost always feel better after it. Therefore, I would like to suggest that people with a low count in earth try cooking as one of the infinite ways to incorporate some earth into your life (I will write a post on the other ways in the future).

My hypothesis for the rationale of cooking as an earthy activity is this: cooking involves a series of steps or procedures, all of which are repeated or replicated again and again each time you cook. This repetition of steps is like following a routine when you cook. And routines are supposedly great for those who lacks earth in their natal chart. Also, cooking involves the senses which is earthy. Surprisingly, I feel a sense of calmness and peace when I measure out the quantity of flour, sugar, etc required, when I whisk the ingredients together, when I hold the wooden spatula against my hand, when I line the tray with baking paper, when I hold the mixing bowl. To you, what I have described may seem like an ordinary affair. However, to me, in my version of reality (I have no earth except in Chiron), it is something that feels new to me. A novel experience.

So, if you lack earth in your natal chart, why not try some cooking once in a while? You may like it.

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