This astrologer can tell you when the next most important day of your life will be. I went in sceptical, but I was blown away by my reading with Joseph

DublinLive. Source: online newspaper

Locational astrology, a specialised branch, describes the potential impact of relocating to a city or town and provided me with spot-on insights.

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I had an astrology reading with Joseph late last year and I have to say that it was insightful, uplifting and fun. Joseph was able to explain what makes me who I am, shed light on why things may appear stagnant at times and also how best for me to be able to manifest experiences in my life. He has a warm yet direct way of expressing himself, with a twist of humour to make the experience even more memorable. I’m very grateful for the insights received and continue to revisit the reading to assist with decision making. I would highly recommend a reading with Joseph.

Audrey L. Source: Facebook

Understanding, sweet, and calm. Very intuitive and brilliant to talk to. His guidance definitely gave me clarity. I would recommend him to all my friends!

Malou B. Source: Facebook

Joseph made me feel very comfortable, and answered any questions I had. He was very direct and really helped me gain some clarity. He had a very lovely aura about him! Thanks so much Joseph

Siobhan M. Source: Facebook

myself and a friend had an astrology reading from Jospeh. we both found him super accurate and even some of his dates have already come to fruition for both of us already within a month!

Yvonne C. Source: Facebook

I had a great experience with Joseph. Highly recommended

Ulisses F. Source: Facebook

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