Insightful, personal and deeply comforting

I have had a number of readings with Joseph and they were invariably insightful, personal and deeply comforting. Joseph has a wonderfully patient, calm and logical approach to readings, and provides practical and actionable advice. He is a good listener, which adds to the sense of feeling that he genuinely cares about you and your situation. His combination of psychic intuition about your current energy field (which have been uncannily accurate), the energies of people around you, and divination tools such as tarot and I-ching, provide a strong sense that you are being given tailored advice to deal with the situation on hand. While tactful, I also appreciated that he did not sugarcoat his words, instead providing honest clarity to the situation and how best to move forward. As a previous reviewer has mentioned, it is like going to a good friend for advice, without the advice being coloured by the other person’s own prejudices. Thanks Joseph! You have been an absolute rock