Is He or She Single?

My rephrasing based on William Lilly’s Christian Astrology, page 316 under the header “Has she a Lover”. Initially, I took that to mean whether your existing partner has a lover other than you. After much thought, I think this section is on whether a person is single or attached but not married. I imagine this is something that people, especially men, asked astrologers when they are seeking partnership although I stand corrected.


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7th House

I was looking at a consultation chart and Chiron conjuncts the 7th tightly. I suggested that to the client that there might some abandonment, feelings of woundedness relating to a past relationship. She asked whether it has to be a romantic relationship. I said not necessarily but it’s a significant relationship. She nodded her head and mumbled about grief. (more…)

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Opportunities in Love

A client asked about opportunities in love. I examined Jupiter transits to the 7th ruler as there are no planets in his 7th. He did meet someone a few days before or after the perfection of the transit. I took a closer look. It wasn’t just the quincunx transit to the 7th ruler. Transiting Jupiter also squared the 5th ruler and sextiled the north node a few days i.e. one to three days to one another.  (more…)

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