Psychic Reading Singapore

Psychic Reading Singapore

Receive practical cosmic guidance and insights to navigate life. Essentially, be (even) happier.

I’m Glad I Did It!

I had never done an astrological reading before, and went arranged a birth chart reading with Joseph in a spirit of skeptical but open-minded curiosity. I was surprised by how much of what Joseph said made sense, and struck a chord with things that were going on in my life. Joseph is an easy-going and… Read more “I’m Glad I Did It!”

M O., Ireland
Source: Yelp

Accurate Predictions

I recall my first few conversations with Joseph as me being a sceptical person when it comes to astrology. Yet over the months I have come to understand the logic and science behind astrology. I’ve gone for two readings now and the factor which took me back to him was because of this accurate predictions… Read more “Accurate Predictions”

Anthony, Ireland
Source: Testimonial provided via email

Wholeheartedly Recommended

Joseph, many thanks for my recent astrology reading. I got clarity on my present circumstances and reasons for behaviour in the world of work. I am delighted to move forward with this new information, forewarned is forarmed. The timing of events is spot on and I closed the necessary doors and found the tools from… Read more “Wholeheartedly Recommended”

Helena Fahy, Ireland
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Warm Hearted

Joseph Hong is a very talented, warm hearted, helpful, interesting. Knowledgeable Astrologer!!!

Rebecca Chun, Spain
Source: Facebook

Really Insightful and Informative

Really insightful and informative. He wasn’t what I expected, but pleasantly surprised. He takes a lot of time. I will be back

Joan B., Ireland
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Deeply Deeply Appreciated

Thank you Joseph, you have assisted me greatly in the untangling of the many “knots” of my life. Your intuitive insights added much to my understanding. Deeply deeply appreciated

Maylin T., Australia
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Spot-on Insights

The Dublin-based Hong discovered astrology when exploring plausible reasons for a sense of unhappiness when living in Australia. “Locational astrology, a specialised branch, describes the potential impact of relocating to a city or town and provided me with spot-on insights.” He has a growing clientele and explains, “Astrology can provide insights and observations on most,… Read more “Spot-on Insights”

The Gloss Magazine, Irish Times, Ireland

Made Me Feel Very Comfortable

Joseph made me feel very comfortable, and answered any questions I had. He was very direct and really helped me gain some clarity. He had a very lovely aura about him! Thanks so much Joseph

Siobhan McClean, Ireland
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Insightful, personal and deeply comforting

I have had a number of readings with Joseph and they were invariably insightful, personal and deeply comforting. Joseph has a wonderfully patient, calm and logical approach to readings, and provides practical and actionable advice. He is a good listener, which adds to the sense of feeling that he genuinely cares about you and your… Read more “Insightful, personal and deeply comforting”

Claire C., UK
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Provided Invaluable Insight and Clarity

Joseph was able to accommodate my last minute request for a reading. He utilized my birth chart to determine the status of questions/concerns I had about a current relationship. He provided invaluable insight and clarity, and I would happily return for another reading the next time I am visiting Dublin.

Victoria H., USA
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This astrologer can tell you when the next most important day of your life will be

I went in sceptical, but I was blown away by my reading with Joseph.

Dublin Live, Ireland

I Thoroughly Enjoyed My Session

I would recommend Joseph Hong to anyone without hesitation. Even during our first session I was taken back by his efficiency and the amount of work he has put into reading my chart (especially considering that he had less than a week to prepare!). He provided us with a relaxed and professional environment and despite… Read more “I Thoroughly Enjoyed My Session”

Tori Davis, Dublin, Ireland
Source: Testimonial provided via email

Accurate and to the Point

Accurate and to the point, Joseph s reading provided me with a valuable insight into my own psyche, as well as a navigation map of what possibilities and opportunities may lie ahead and how to make the most of it. Real gentleman this guy is.

Marc P., Ireland
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Going to a friend for advice

The experience is like going to a friend for advice, except that his advice is backed up with careful analyses. Unbiased advice that is not clouded by any preset ideas your friends may have of you and your situation. Joseph is easy to talk to and he understands what you are trying to ask. His… Read more “Going to a friend for advice”

Rose Map, USA
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Insightful, uplifting and fun

I had an astrology reading with Joseph late last year and I have to say that it was insightful, uplifting and fun. Joseph was able to explain what makes me who I am, shed light on why things may appear stagnant at times and also how best for me to be able to manifest experiences… Read more “Insightful, uplifting and fun”

Audrey Lee, Ireland
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Helping me make healthier choices

Joseph was my first experience with an astrologist and I didn’t really know what to expect. He delivered all his wonderful knowledge so kindly and warmly! You really feel like you’re talking to a good and honest friend. He’s insight has stayed with me and is definitely helping me make healthier choices and have a… Read more “Helping me make healthier choices”

Maria, Ireland
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Highly Recommended!

Joseph is very articulate, honest and clear. He takes his time to clarify your questions. Highly recommended!

Layla L., Ireland
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Reading was quite accurate

I did not know what to expect at all as i have never been interested in astrology. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was an interesting and informative meeting and exercise. Joseph is helpful and intuitive. I was looking for guidance and Joseph was definitely able to provide some. His reading was quite accurate, time… Read more “Reading was quite accurate”

Yvonne C., Ireland
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Joseph was born and bred in Singapore. He went through the typical path of a Singaporean – NS, uni, and worked crazy hours. Joseph’s mum brought him to a fortune teller in Johor Bahru, Malaysia who said that he is suitable to be in this line of business. With encouragement from his mum and whatever little courage he could muster to take a break from his accounting job, he forayed into psychic readings and astrology consultations.

Read more about him here and testimonials of his clients.