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Example of Questions

  • Will Jonathan and I be in a relationship together?
  • I’m in my 50s. I’m a nurse and wants to switch to a more fulfilling career. Should I study a degree in psychology to pursue counselling, which is my life-long dream?
  • Will I attain financial independence within five years from now?
  • Will I ever find my missing sister? If so, would it be soon?
  • Can you tell me if moving county will work out better for me and my family?

How it Works

After you have made your purchase, please get in touch with Joseph with your specific question(s) when you feel and/or think you are ready to communicate your question(s) to him. Look at the tips below on phrasing your question.

Include any background information that you think/feel is relevant to the question. The length of the reading depends on what shows up.

Joseph may contact you for clarifications when there is a need to. Otherwise, he will usually get back to you within five days.

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Tips on Phrasing Your Question

  • Keep it simple.
  • Be sincere. Questions that are phrased with the intention to “outsmart” the universe do not tend to work.
  • Include a time frame where appropriate. This is especially important for questions involving timing. For example, “Will I find a job?”
  • If you do include a time frame, that time frame should have a personal significance for you.
  • This reading isn’t particularly suited for general questions, for example, “What lies ahead of me?” although it may work if you have a strong desire to find out about your immediate future. General questions tend to lead to general readings.
  • For general questions, limit your question to one area of your life. Questions like “What’s going to happen in my love, career and health, financial life?” will not be answered as that comprises four questions.

Important Information

  1. There are certain times when it is not possible to read for you. This is not uncommon and happens from time to time. Joseph will let you know if this is the case. You can use the reading for another time, transfer the reading to someone else or ask for a refund. If you wish, Joseph can refer you to another astrologer.
  2. Questions on health and death are not usually answered because of the sensitivity and ethics involved.
  3. If you are unhappy with the reading for any reason, there will be no refund. This is because each reading is customized for you, is not a physical product and takes up to two hours to prepare for you.
  4. For all legal purposes, readings are for entertainment only.
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