Types of Readings

General / Whatever Comes Up / A Mixture of Readings

Most of my clients go for a general session with a focus on the current and future. Sometimes, they may specify that they would like a general session with a focus on career and relationships.

Understand Me & My Potential
(aka Natal Chart, Harmonics, Midpoints, etc)

Explore yourself in different areas of life, including:

  • Relationships;
  • Career and social status;
  • Personal resources including finances;
  • How you may see the world;
  • Your thoughts and communication style;
  • Home and family including parents;
  • What brings you your blend of fun, children;
  • Work and health routines;
  • Transformations in life;
  • Your beliefs, overseas living;
  • Friends and groups that you may (or may not) belong to; and
  • Unconscious aspects of yourself that may hold you back from what you would like to achieve, your capacity to be alone and independent.

Note: It is not possible for one session to cover all the above. Multiple sessions are needed. It’s best to pick the area(s) that you are most keen on.

What I am Currently Going Through / the Future
(aka Forecasting: transits, progressions, directions, returns, lunations)

Quite a lot of my clients come to me to understand what they are going through from a different perspective. They may be going through a divorce, a career difficulty, desire to be in a relationship, looking for work, anything really.

Relationship Astrology
(aka individual natal chart, synastry, composite chart)

When we talk of relationships, it’s not just romantic relationships. It includes any relationship between two human beings, for example, parent – child, friend – friend, sibling – sibling, business partner – business partner. Get insights into questions like:

  • Why do I feel such feelings towards my partner/parent/child/friend/sibling/etc
  • How can I improve my relationship with the other person?
  • Should I tie the knot with my fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e?

If you are single: are you single and wish to find that someone? We can explore how to do that if you are open to the insights that are shown by the stars and open to adjusting yourself/your expectations. If you are into online dating, we can also discuss the filters to set and who to look out for. We can also discuss ways to enhance your relationship luck through crystals, creating lucky charms, directions to face and dates to approach others.

I have pressing question(s) that I want Answers to
(aka horary astrology)

Get insights into question(s) that’s weighting heavily on your head or heart.

Where in the World do I Find …?
(aka ACG, relocation charts)

It is believed that different towns, cities or countries have different effects on your life. It could help you to find success, love, a place to settle down or even become healthier. You will need an accurate time of birth for this reading and your objectives for a move must be clear in your mind. There is no ‘perfect’ place. For example, a place may be great for career but less stellar for relationships.

This reading is highly recommended before you make a permanent move to somewhere else. Or if you are open to dating someone from another culture or background – we can tell you the nationalities or cities where you can find love from!

Crystal Reading

It is believed that crystals have ‘magical’ properties and can enhance your luck in different areas of your life and support you through challenging periods in your life.

This reading is kind of fun if you are open-minded. You will leave the session with recommended crystals to purchase so that you can put them into a lucky charm pouch/bag where it’s recommended that you carry them or keep it near you wherever you go. You will add or remove additional crystal(s) to pouch/bag each year depending on what you may be going through.


1/6/2019: This page is in the process of being updated. Contact Joseph for details of other readings.

For all legal purposes, all readings, consultations, sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

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