Update on 9 Oct 2018: Joseph is only available on certain days. For his availability other than the days/time listed, please get in touch with him. He tends to have slightly more flexibility for readings in Celbridge if you can make the 20+ minute drive from Dublin.

Readings in Ireland - Celbridge / Dublin city center

€70 for up to an hour. By appointment only. 

Click here for types of readings. To make a booking, text or call +353 (0)83 1821838, leave a message on the contact page or PM Joseph on Facebook

Online Video/Voice Call Readings

€72.80 for an hour by Paypal/credit card
€70 for an hour by bank transfer (contact Joseph for bank details)

Click here for types of readings. 

Please contact Joseph to book an appointment before making payment. To make a booking, text or call +353 (0)83 1821838, leave a message on the contact page or PM Joseph on Facebook. After your booking is confirmed and payment has been received, you will receive a link for the video/voice call.

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Types of Reading

General Reading
See what shows up. You will need to provide Joseph with your date, year, city/town and country and time of birth, and current city/town and country of residence.

I have a Pressing Question(s)
(a.k.a. horary in astro jargon)
Receive insights to a question(s) that you really want to know the answer to. You can send the question(s) to Joseph ahead of the session or pose the question(s) to him during the session. It is up to you.

What Does the Future Hold?
(a.k.a. directions, progressions, returns, transits, etc in astro jargon)
Explore the future in different areas of your life – relationships, careers, finances, children, etc. It is best that you have your time of birth, along with other birth details and your current town/city of residence.

Understand My Potential
(a.k.a. natal chart in astro jargon)
Understand your potential and what helps you and gets in the way of you realizing it. Some of my clients call it understanding their fate and destiny. It is best that you have your time of birth, along with other birth details.

Are We Compatible?
(a.k.a. synastry, composite charts, etc in astro jargon)
Understand and/or confirm the relationship between any two persons – partner/partner, parent/child, sibling/sibling, boss/employer, etc. Have this reading before you tie the knot! You will need the date, year, city/town and country of birth (and preferably the time of birth as well) of the two persons.

Where in the World to …?
(a.k.a. Astro*Carto*Graphy, relocation charts in astro jargon)
Find out where to find love, success, money, settle down, etc. Get this reading before you relocate! Find out which nationalities to date! You need an accurate time of birth, along with other birth information, for this reading.

Combination of the Above
You can sometimes cover more than one type of reading within the session. However, there is a limit to the breadth and depth of topics and/or matters that can covered. It is usually a good idea to think about the most pressing matter(s) that you would like to discuss and let Joseph know them in advance.

To make a booking, 
Text or call +353 (0)83 1821838,
Leave a message on the contact page or
PM Joseph on FB

Important Information

  • For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment only
  • If you are unhappy with the reading for any reason, there will be no refund. This is because each reading is customized for you, is not a physical product and takes up to two hours to prepare for you.