Cosmic Experiments

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Sign up as an astro lab rat

Sign up as a lab rat for astrological experiments. We will run a battery of tests on you and you are encouraged to share the validity and relevance of each test to you. Each experiment promises to be insightful, fun and amazing! Some experiments are:

  • Screening criteria to apply when you go online dating
  • Where in the world to find love, to settle down
  • Compatibility analysis between you and another person
  • And many more

You will receive:

  • 6 astro sessions, an hour each, once a month over (smart)phone, wherever you are in the world or at Celbridge, Ireland
  • Monthly calendar specifically created for you with dates to watch out for
  • Insights from your very own astrologer

You will need to:

  • Be open-minded
  • Be willing to share about yourself and your life
  • Keep notes on events in your life


  • €94 for 6 one-hour one-to-one session
  • This works to about €15 per session.
  • In effect, you are getting 6 astrology consultations for the price of one. For those in United States, the cost is less than that of 1 consultation in the states!

The small print

  1. For all legal purposes, astrological experiments are for entertainment purposes only.
  2. No refunds of payments will be issued.
  3. Participants are entitled to one session per month. A missed session for a month is not brought forward to another month or refunded.