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Consultations are done:

Type of Consultations

  • General: leave it to Joseph's intuition or pick a topic(s) that you would like to explore, e.g. relationships, career, business, personal finances.
  • Specific: you have a specific question and would like to know the answer to it. For example, "Does he/she have any feelings for me?", "When will I meet my soulmate?", "Should I quit this job or not?", "Can I trust him/her?". This is the reading for you.
  • Unleash the Inner You / Life Path reading: we will explore and maximize your potential as a person so that you are living the life of your dreams. We will look at different parts of your life: your approach to the world, your relationship needs, work that suits and satisfies you, home and family, parenting style, friendship dynamics, etc.
  • The Months Ahead reading: Understand the influences of the months ahead of you so that you can take advantage of them while the window periods of opportunities of the months are open for you. Understand and make sense of what you are going through currently and when this transitory phase of your life may end.
  • Birthday: Give yourself or someone the gift of a birthday consultation. Explore the main themes of the upcoming months and get suggestions on how to make life super. For the consultation to be useful, it can be done as earlier as three months before a birthday and up to the month after the birthday.

A birth time is required for a consultation to be most relevant and effective. An accurate birth time is important in an astrological consultation. However, a birth time is not required for consultations on specific questions. Don't have a birth time?


  • 30 minutes - €40
  • 60 minutes - €60
  • 1.5 hour - €85
Fee covers preparation time before each consultation. Payment for phone and Skype readings is made by PayPal or bank transfer in advance of the reading.


29/8/17: There is currently a 2 week waiting list for readings. For urgent requests, please contact Joseph at +353 831821838 to check for any last minute availability.

Contact Joseph for an appointment.