Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Astro Vocabulary


Another increase in my astrological vocabulary for Pluto - a profound experience, "transformative" instead of simply "transformation".


Commitment, committed to xyz, demands, demanding. Instead of "focused", try
  • "Concerned with"
  • Intense (hmmm, I have always associated Pluto with intensity. But I suppose with Saturn's laser focus on things, it could certainly be described as intense)
  • Strong attention to

Take control. Undertake an inventory. Feel lacking. Feel lonely.
My passive vocabulary includes discipline. It's time to bring out "self-discipline" back to the forefont.


Instead of spiritualise, refined, sensitised, letting go, idealised, transitory, confusion, try inspired, inspiration.


Probe deeply. Understanding and handling emotions and crises.


A tension, conflict, difficulty to be resolved between two principles.

Chiron as Being Vulnerable

I'm absolutely delighted when I chanced upon Chiron being described as vulnerability. Which makes perfect sense. My astrological vocabulary with Chiron has been stagnant for some time now - wounded healer, wound, injury, healing, feeling isolated, abandoned, difference from the rest, transmuting personal differences into a strength by ingenious means, mentor, guidance, do for others what you can't do for yourself, sacrifice for kinsman, bridge especially between society and humanity, overcompensation, etc.

Vulnerability makes perfect sense. When one is wounded, one may feel a sense of vulnerability.

Hexagram 47

Hexagram 47 is on oppression, exhaustion. This reminds me of 10 Wands and possibly 5 Pentacles.