By appointment only

Dublin City: €70 – €80* for up to an hour. Thursday evenings and Sundays only.
Celbridge, co. Kildare** and Skype: €60 for up to an hour. Weekends and some weekday evenings.
Email reading: €41.80 for 1 question

* €80 at 22 South William St. if you prefer privacy or €70 at Brooks Hotel on Drury St. (Jasmine Lounge).
** 25+mins drive from Dublin city centre

Book an Appointment

For astrology readings, you will need your date, year, time and town/city of birth when booking an appointment. Time of birth is not required but recommended for fortune telling readings.

Phone: +353 831821838 (Ireland). Do leave a text or voicemail if Joseph is not around.
Facebook: @astrologerjoseph

Registered in Dublin, Ireland. Registration number: 619775. 2 Willow Way, Primrose Gate, Celbridge, co. Kildare

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