Pluto-Venus Transit

Note: This post focuses on relationships.

Pluto uncovers what is buried. Venus represents love, relationship, aesthetic taste or even art, among many other significators (e.g. female characters, beauty, beauty things). So a Pluto-Venus transit may uncover what has been buried in a relationship, especially any sources of unhappiness that relates to the relationship. (more…)

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When Will I Meet the Love of My Life?

I had a few women/men who asked me “When will I meet the love of my life?” These men/women inevitably had a few relationships in their life and had left one recently or some time ago. For quite a few of them, when they posed the above question, the Ascendant of the horary chart is rather late i.e. 28 or 29 degrees. The traditional way of interpreting a late Ascendant is that “it’s too late to say” and no judgement can be passed. Unless the late Ascendant falls into one of the angles/planets/luminary of the querent. (more…)

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