Will We Get Married?

Sun and Saturn – Sun conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto before squaring Saturn. Doesn’t look good. Sun has to go through two modern malefics before it reaches Saturn. Even if we disregard Pluto and Saturn, Sun applies to Saturn by square. There’s lots of effort and challenges involved. Saturn doesn’t receive the Sun in any reception too. It’s unlikely the matter will come to pass. What about Moon and Saturn? (more…)

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Opportunities in Love

A client asked about opportunities in love. I examined Jupiter transits to the 7th ruler as there are no planets in his 7th. He did meet someone a few days before or after the perfection of the transit. I took a closer look. It wasn’t just the quincunx transit to the 7th ruler. Transiting Jupiter also squared the 5th ruler and sextiled the north node a few days i.e. one to three days to one another.  (more…)

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