Who Loves Who More?

The 1st and 7th ruler symbolizes the querent and quesited.¬†William Lilly would look at the faster moving ruler as the person who has keener affections than the person that is represented by the slower moving planet. I was doing a love reading. There’s no connection between the 1st and 7th ruler, even after considering translation, … Read moreWho Loves Who More?

Is He or She Single?

My rephrasing based on William Lilly’s Christian Astrology, page 316 under the header “Has she a Lover”. Initially, I took that to mean whether your existing partner has a lover other than you. After much thought, I think this section is on whether a person is single or attached but not married. I imagine this is something that people, especially men, asked astrologers when they are seeking partnership although I stand corrected.

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