Hexagram 46 Growing Upward

Hexagram 46 Pushing Upward Let's look at this picture. Wood under Earth. Wood symbolises a seedling that is germinating in the soil (Earth). The quality of Wood is to penetrate…

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To Be SteadFast

The word “steadfast” keeps appearing in the English translation of the I Ching. I thought I would once and for all be clear in the meaning of this word. Here are some definitions or thoughts from the web: (more…)

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Get Another Piano?

I am dissatisfied with the piano that I purchased recently. I asked I Ching whether I should get another piano. Hexagram 33 Moving lines 3 and 4 Hexagram 20

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To Comment or Not to?

I have written a piece involving a case in Ireland. I thought it might be helpful to share it with others to shed light on the matter. But I’m also aware of potential repercussions of doing so (e.g. getting sued for defamation or killed by some gangster) even though my intention is to be helpful. So, as usual, I consulted with I Ching. It came back with hexagram 6, moving lines 1st and 3rd, and transforming into hexagram 1. (more…)

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Which Health Insurance to Switch to?

The private health insurance landscape in Ireland is mental. There are over 325 plans available. It can be very tough and downright confusing to figure out which one best meets your objectives. Paddy visited me recently, expressing his dismay at the increase in his 2018 health insurance premium of €150 by his current health insurer, Irish Life. He’s keen to switch to another plan that provides coverage in semi-private room in a private hospital. He had two plans in mind – Laya Healthcare Precision 600 and Precision 450, the former being his preference. (more…)

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Winter Solstice and I Ching

Winter Solstice reminds me of Hexagram 24 in I Ching, which goes by names including "Turning Back", "Return". Hexagram 24 reminds us that when things reach their extreme, they have…

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